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Q: Do you share any information about me or my project?

A: Unless we receive consent from you CMD will not divulge any information about you or your project, during development. After wards, if your project is public we simply ask that we may add a link to it on our projects page.
Q: How long will my project take?

A: Print and logo design can usually be completed the same week development starts. For a common website your project should take approximately two weeks. Naturally, things like web game and application development time are more dependent on the specifics of the project. Game and application development require testing periods and take anywhere from one month and up in development time.
Q: What will your services cost me?

A: We offer an array of services that vary greatly in price and development time. For things like print and logo design the price range is $100-$1,000*. Websites come in around $500-$10,000*. Server and web apps can vary more depending on the request and come in between $200-$10,000* per platform. Game development is one of our most involved services and requires the most time and skill, you can expect prices from $2,000-$100,000*.
* Price ranges are estimates.
Q: How will I update my site, game, or app after the project is over?

A: If you have a site, game, or app that will need fequent updates after it's completed, it is recommended to get a content management system. If you only plan on needing minor updates we will be glad to assist you at a reasonable rate.
Q: What kind of content management systems do you support and offer?

A: We work with and support Joomla, Dorpal, and WordPress content management systems. Though it is important to note, using these systems my limit features of some custom applications. We also offer fully customizable content management systems, based on your needs and budget.
Frequently Asked Questions