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Development Lab Arcade | Website Estimate | Game/App Esitmate Cyber Monkey Development (CMD) is always ready to help you create your unique site, app, or game.

Website Development

With our team of highly specialized monkeys, CMD can make all of your web site wishes come true. Form personal blogs to large on-line business, we thrive on delivering you orginal solutions to your needs.

Whether you're on a budget or striving for your perfect vision, CMD can help. We have basic web site packages that start as low as $500. Also to help plan for your project we have an on-line form where you can request free estimates!

When planning your web site it is important to consider what extra features you may need. Here are some common options to consider.

  • Hosting and Domain Resgistration Assistance
  • E-Mail Setup
  • Design Packages
  • Mailing Lists
  • Merchant Account Setups
  • Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization

We also can make custom applications and modules specific to your web site.

Game Development

One thing monkeys love to do is play games, well cyber monkeys love to make games! Our specialty is Flash (ShockWave) game development, however we also posses other tools for game development. We can also make you portable game disks that can play on most Windows, Linux, and Mac Operating Systems.

Our lead developer and owner Donovan Hubbard has over 7 years experiance in creating web and desktop games. Donovan has participated in all corners of game development from, planning, design, development, and testing. On our staff are other developers Donovan has worked with in the past, who have helped him develop games for such institutions as The Wheeling Sympony, The Center for Educational Technologies, Stelor Productions, Vigilant Services and Windwalker Corp.

Even though game development planning can be complicatd, CMD will help you take the first step by offering a free estimate. We're excited to develop your game concept!

Server and Web Apps

Cyber Monkey Development (CMD) will set up your web modules for you, whether they're server side or client side. Our team knows most of the modern web languages and even some of the ancient ones. Have a specific need? We can help. web server icon

Here is a short list of what we can do
  • ASP, JAVA, or PHP, Mass Mailing Systems
  • JAVA or Flash Chat Clients
  • ASP, PHP, SQL, Forums
  • AJAX Web Modules
  • Custom video and audio player applications
  • User Interfaces for JAVA, Flash, AJAX, CSS, and more

CMD can develop server side applications for Apache or Windows Media Server environment. We can also write simple Unix bash and MSDos batch applications if need be. We can even help you configure a personal server if needed. Request your
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